.Top 5 Play To Earn Fantasy Stock Games

Do you like trading on individual stocks? Want to risk your actual funds on it? Then you should try the Fantasy Stock Games that are currently available on the internet. These games will help you practice and learn how to effectively trade and invest in stocks. You will also receive virtual money for free to make your portfolio. Through this process, you will gain conviction and knowledge with no hassle. Since there are many types of fantasy stock market games available, this article contains five of the best games, from which you can pick the one you like.  These fantasy stock market games are:

  1. VIG.io

When it comes to playing fantasy stock market games, VIG.io is the best place to play them. This platform offers a wide range of stock market games for traders and investors. You can register on the platform for free and try out the Play to earn stock games, and get to test out your skills in investing. You can pick from ETFs, stocks and crypts as a contest participant. You will get a fixed amount of virtual funds, and you can use these funds to invest in the set quantity of picks. 

  1. Wall Street Survivor 

This is another fantasy stock game that provides numerous options to learn how to invest in stocks. You will come across courses that you can take to understand investing, and these courses range from beginner to advanced level. The game will provide you with $100,000 virtual funds for free so that you can play the stock market. What’s more? Wall Street Survivor also has a library where traders or investors can continue further education on the stock market. Besides that, you will also get the chance to create leagues where you can compete against other players or your friends.

  1. SmartStocks

The Smart Stocks game will offer you a massive virtual portfolio long with $1 million. It also offers numerous financial charts to track down the stock performance you’re investing in. You will come across a learning center to gain more information and knowledge about the stocks. The community section will allow you to communicate with other players, and you can also create a group of players or friends to compete together and get the highest returns. The up and down portfolios are showcased for comparing and competing against other players. 

  1. Investopedia’s Stock Simulator 

The well-known “Investopedia.com” providers are very own stock trading simulators for all the investors and traders. Through this simulator, you can learn how to sell and purchase stocks. Use the simulator right before you risk your funds at a real stock market because it will help you learn more about the stock to invest in without any issues.

  1. Virtual Stock Exchange Games From Marketwatch 

Marketwatch.com is well-known for running a wide range of stock games. The majority of these games are public, but several are private. The most interesting thing is that you will get the chance to make your own game and get to play it by yourself or with other players. You are free to choose the number of funds you want to start the trading work. The game is ideal for those individuals who are pretty familiar with the stock market. 

Last Words

The fantasy stock market games are the best ways to learn and understand more about trading and investing in stocks. It will give you a vision of how everything works in stocks and trade or invest like a pro. 

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