How‌ ‌To‌ ‌Choose‌ A ‌Reliable‌ ‌Moving‌ ‌Company?‌

Moving is not just exciting but also a very complex task. You have to think through many things: select a responsible mover, pack items, and so on. In order to make the moving as hustle-free as possible, we compiled several tips.

Create a Referral Program

Word of mouth is better than multiple online feedback, but getting personal recommendations is not always possible. Check all the information you can find online, compare reviews on different resources, and only after that make a decision. If you want quality services at a reasonable price, you are welcome to

Contact several companies

Don’t agree with the first offer you find on the Internet, ask at least three different companies to estimate the amount of work and approximate price. Only this way can you be sure you don’t pay too much. A good mover will always evaluate the scope of work personally and find time to meet with you. This kind of evaluation is impossible over the phone; a specialist needs to arrive at your home and see your things with his own eyes.

Look for Warning Signs

For inexperienced people, spotting a dishonest company can be challenging. We recommend looking for some facts that can be signs of a scam. For example, reliable movers never ask cash deposits in advance. If the company representative looks unprofessional: arrives late, or has difficulties answering your questions, find another contractor. Real professionals in moving business have their own transport and equipment and don’t trust companies arriving at rented vans.

Check the License and Insurance

Before signing an agreement:

  1. Check the credentials on moving business associations and government databases.
  2. Write down the U.S. DOT number; if you plan to move out of state, you will need it for filing a complaint about low-quality services.
  3. If you are moving within the state, learn the requirements of local agencies.

The documentation is essential, don’t forget to check it in advance.

Find the Information in Better Business Bureau

A simple free online check against BBB can save time and money. Don’t hire moving companies not listed in their database, and find businesses with good ratings.

Prove the Professional Accreditation

A professional association should approve every responsible company. It’s a sign that the company values its reputation and acts responsibly. Therefore, we recommend selecting the mover approved by American Moving and Storage Association. A complete list of such companies you can find on their official website.

Make the Address Check

Please find the address listed on their site or business card and check the registration data. The address, listed under a residential name, should warn you, don’t resort to its services.

The recommendations above look simple and obvious, but it’s easy to miss something or make a wrong decision in the hustle of moving. But don’t worry: keep your eyes open and follow our tips, and your moving will go smoothly and without problems.

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