Discover the difference between photoepilation and laser hair removal

Ever since the first permanent hair removal methods hit the market, there hasn’t been a woman who doesn’t want to have smooth skin without having to face shaving or shaving wax at least twice a month. Here on the blog, we’ve already given some tips for hair removal to last longer, but not having to shave every week or spending lots of money every month at the beauty salon for the rest of your life is every woman’s true dream.

The truth is that a type of depilation that is in fact definitive has not yet been invented, all the more advanced methods are just longer-lasting options than the traditional methods, such as the blade, wax and depilatory creams. Among the options for long-lasting hair removal, the most popular and sought after are photoepilation and laser hair removal. In this post, we will explain in more detail the differences between the two methods and which one is more worth investing in.

How does photoepilation and laser hair removal work?

Photodepilation is done with equipment that emits pulses of light that weaken the hair follicle through the heat generated. This technology is called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and is also used to treat spots and expression marks. Laser hair removal is the most popular “definitive” hair removal method on the market. It works by gradually destroying the hair follicles by means of laser shots that heat and burn the hair root, so it never grows back. It is important to do laser hair removal at trusted beauty centers such as 3D Lipo London Laser hair removal.

Why is photoepilation or laser hair removal permanent?

As previously stated, photoepilation only weakens the cells that produce hair, it does not completely destroy them. This is because the scope of the emitted light means that it does not act specifically on the fur. The equipment’s light spectrum is regulated according to the type of skin, with darker skin being more sensitive to light and may suffer burns if the intensity is not the most suitable for the phototype. The lower the intensity, the less efficient the depilation will be, as the follicle will regenerate faster and the hair will grow back.

Laser hair removal is the closest method to what we call definitive. The laser acts directly on the hair root, with the correct number of sessions, the method can completely destroy most of the follicles. What leads to the erroneous classification of laser hair removal as definitive is the fact that there are cells, the so-called potential type cells, which can develop hair again if stimulated by hormonal changes. These changes are common in anyone, especially in women of childbearing age. Therefore, it is certain that at one time or another the hair will grow back more quickly.

How long does each method last?

Photoepilation lasts for 4 to 12 months depending on the person’s phototype, counting from the last session performed. Normally, at least 10 photodepilation sessions are required, performed every 30 days. Laser hair removal can last from 6 months to 1 year or more depending also on phototype, hair thickness and hormonal factors.

Photoepilation x laser hair removal: which is more advantageous?

Even with their differences, we saw that both methods have the greatest advantage over traditional methods, which is duration. Wax depilation, considered the most durable among the latter, lasts a maximum of 20 days. How to choose the best between the two types of long-lasting hair removal? To make it easier, see which one stands out the most in the most considered factors.

Duration: Laser Hair Removal

Both methods can last up to a year, as seen earlier. But the probability of a very short duration is greater with photoepilation, as the complete elimination of follicles only reaches 85% against 90% in laser hair removal.

Pain: It depends

Pain sensitivity is very relative. In addition, there are currently different equipment for both technologies that cause less pain. Photodepilation generates less heat, so it may appear to cause less discomfort. However, the laser can be adjusted by the applicator according to the client’s sensitivity, without affecting the final results of the epilation.

After all, Photoepilation is a much more affordable method than laser hair removal, without a doubt. In addition to being cheaper in specialized clinics, there are now portable devices for performing the procedure at home. Of course, there are risks in carrying out photodepilation at home, not only from burns and stains, but mainly from not achieving the desired efficiency. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, requires a qualified and trained professional so that it is applied safely and the results are satisfactory.


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