Discover the Benefits of GL Homes’ 55-Plus Communities

A picture of a person sitting in a pool at a GL Homes community pool enjoying the sun.

Retirement communities, which usually have age restrictions requiring at least one resident to be 55 years old or older, have existed in warm climates in the United States for a long time. For people on the East Coast, Florida has been a top-rated destination. Homebuilders and entire communities are dedicated to retirement-age people.

GL Homes, as well as other homebuilding companies, have thrived in The Sunshine State. As people realize the benefits of living in these communities, they gravitate towards what’s offered. Below are some of the benefits of living in retirement communities.

Reduced Expenses

Top 55-plus communities take pride in offering more affordable retirement homes than those available in a comparable community open to all ages. That’s because these homes have retirees in mind. 

They might have options like smaller yards, less square footage, and no wasted space. Children don’t usually live in retirement communities, so downsizing becomes easy. Homeowners still get all the amenities they need, but their overall expenses might be less.

Expenses continue to decrease, particularly in Florida, as there is no state income tax. GL Homes has benefited from working with people on the East Coast looking for warmer weather while also reducing costs. While the state of Florida is getting more expensive, it’s still cheaper than most major cities on the United States East Coast.


The location of a community can significantly impact any resident. Not only is getting the right home built a priority but finding the right community that caters to a person’s needs makes a difference. 

For example, GL Homes has communities within walking distance of a beach for those who like the sand and water. Some options are more inland for those who might want to avoid paying a premium for beach proximity, especially if being closer to a golf course or shopping area is more important.

Retirement communities are primarily in the United States’ southern part. Florida is a huge state for retirees, with Arizona catering to many people from the western side of the United States. Picking a place easily accessible also ensures the family can come to visit. Major airports throughout Florida have flights to several cities daily.


Most retirement communities are full of security to protect residents. GL Homes provided gated communities and locations in areas with low crime rates. Whether people are moving just down the road or from several states away, the last thing they want to worry about is safety in a new area. 

On-site security also brings extra peace of mind for some. These communities will come with slightly higher fees to pay the people running security 24/7, but the cost is worth the extra peace of mind. 

True Community Feeling

As people age, it becomes harder to get out and socialize. It’s even more of a challenge if someone becomes a widow or loses lifelong friends. Moving to a retirement community can surround a person with people of the same age with the same interests and hobbies.

The best retirement communities have amenities for everyone to use. Not only does it save money, but it’s a way for people to bond over different activities. It can be anything from athletics to craft activities.


Retirement communities don’t have children running around and making noise. Since the neighbors are older, it makes for a much quieter and more peaceful neighborhood overall. Some communities have strict rules to limit noise as much as possible.

The location also plays a significant role in the quietness of communities. GL Homes stay away from city centers and more urban areas, opting for peaceful suburbs. More space also allows for more spacious lots.

Moving into 55-Plus Communities

A picture of a group of 55-plus individuals doing yoga at a GL Homes community center.

Whether a person is looking for a beach luxury spot, a community near a golf course, or any other specialty, companies like GL Homes offer plenty of options. There are many benefits to living in a retirement community, and picking a great community can make life even better.

It’s a change for any individual or couple transitioning to a retirement community. However, once there’s a chance to learn about all the benefits, it helps sell a new location.

From a financial, geographical, and social perspective, retirement communities can make a positive impact. GL Homes works directly with customers to get them what they want. It’s a decision that could end up being the last home an individual or family lives in. Taking the time to get it right is always GL Homes top priority. 

GL Homes Ratings and Reviews

If you are still on the fence about moving to a retirement community and building a new home. Be sure to study GL Homes ratings and GL Homes reviews online

There are many customers in the same stage of life who made the transition to a 55-plus community in Florida, and they share their experiences so others can make the decision to do the same. 

GL Homes reviews are left daily through YouTube videos and typical review sites like Angi. Be sure to check out all the top GL Homes ratings as you make your decision to build or purchase a home in a retirement community. 

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