What You Should Know About BitLocker Data Recovery?

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Summary: BitLocker is an encryption tool that allows Windows users to encrypt all their system data. However, if data is lost, recovering the BitLocker encrypted data becomes a daunting task.

If your PC is lost, you would probably start feeling nauseous about the cost needed to replace it. But this loss is nothing compared to data you might have on your PC.

Being a small business owner, I completely understand the risk of all your data handed to a third party. When your PC is lost, your data becomes vulnerable to misuse. Even if the thief cannot initiate a write operation, they can certainly go through all your data.

The most effective way to curb this nightmare is to encrypt all your data in your system and have data recovery software at your disposal. Fortunately, I have a solution in the form of BitLocker.

What Is BitLocker?

The word was amazed when the TrueCrypt developer ended up creating an open-source encryption tool for the users. And even a bigger surprise came after that when the developers agreed that this BitLocker might be insecure and invited Microsoft to take over the software as their own and name it Microsoft’s BitLocker.

BitLocker is Microsoft proprietary encryption software that offers the users a feature to encrypt the whole hard drive. BitLocker is a simple extension of what your windows operating system can do.

What Are the System Requirements for BitLocker?

To run BitLocker on your Pc, you need to have a Windows operating system, and the version can go as low as Windows Vista. In addition to that, you need a storage system with at least two partitions and a Trusted platform module.

The reason why you need A Trusted Platform Module is that it is cheap to keep track of the Chinese that happens in the software and hardware. If it detects any unauthorized changes in the system, it boots the PC in a restricted mode.

If you are not aware that the Trusted Platform Module is within your system or not, do not sweat it. As your system boots, BitLocker will check for the chip and will notify you.

If it turns out that you do not have the chip, you can still use the software with the group policy editor.

Who Needs BitLocker?

BitLocker is extremely helpful for people who are really private with their matters. With this tool, you can encrypt almost everything in your system. However, no matter what experts say, here is the thing: BitLocker is a closed program. Hence, there can be privacy if a higher authority wants to check what is inside the encrypted data.

Although Microsoft has confirmed that there is no backdoor in the BitLocker, truly speaking, there is no solid evidence to completely take their words for it.

Hence, the concept of encrypting data from everybody is just a myth. However, if you are using BitLocker just to protect your data in the event where your PC is stolen, it certainly offers the best encryption services.

How to Recover BitLocker Encrypted Data?

In the event where you lose all your BitLocker encrypted data, it is important that you take immediate action to ensure 100% data recovery. Although the encryption of the files makes the data recovery more difficult, iBoysoft has both the in-depth knowledge and tools for an effective encrypted data recovery. Its iBoysoft Data Recovery can easily recover your data from formatted, corrupted, inaccessible BitLocker encrypted disks. With the systematic and scientific process, the software ensures safe recovery of your data from any encrypted hard drives. Besides BitLocker data recovery, iBoysoft Data Recovery also runs Mac data recovery on APFS encrypted hard disks. It’s truly the best encrypted data recovery software that I’ve ever seen.

Let’s see how to use iBoysoft Data Recovery to recover BitLocker encrypted data. The steps are after when you have downloaded and installed the software.

1. Open Software Interface

Opening the software interface, you will see all the active drives in your system. Navigate to the drive from which you want to initiate the data recovery process.

2. Select the Location

Open the drive and select the data location. Ensure that you select the correct location for effective recovery.

3. Run A Scan

Now run a scan. The scan can be of two types, Quick scan in case of recently lost data or Deep scan, in case of long lost data. After the scan is completed, preview and recover the data.


BitLocker is an effective tool, but it sure has its flaws. For instance, it offers users encryption features but makes the data recovery process more complicated due to the encryption. Here I have discussed BitLocker and the things you need to do after you lose encrypted data.

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