How COVID-19 has affected the moving industry at large?

Currently, the coronavirus outbreak has been spreading like fire in every corner of the world. The collision will be proliferating in the near future also. Where the whole world is at risk, amidst the people who are in the panic state that who will be the next sufferer there is also another side of the coin, which has disrupted the traditional way of workings of the businesses. Amid the guidelines given by the government of India and WHO. People are accepting “The New Normal”. This new normal is not just for people but also for. organizations, businesses, enterprises be it small scale industry, medium, or large. The main concern of the government was to protect the lives of each individual out there. The same concern was put forward by every organization in order to protect their employee’s lives be it any industry.

Every company which is connected with the moving industry has to and been adapting the several changes be it taking extra safety measures, social distancing, sanitizing, etc. But how does the entire moving industry affected by the COVID-19 spread? Adapting the new normal, movers have also developed new ways and means to deliver their services, which is indeed a difficult task to do. Amid the guidelines for the COVID-19, they have to be more careful in every step they take.

Social Distancing as an essential part of the “New Normal

Social distancing was considered one of the best safety measures that have to be taken by everyone in order to prevent the COVID-19 spread. Social distancing is actually nothing but physical distancing, keeping the distance of almost 6m from every person which is indeed difficult if you live in one house only. Many health authorities and heads have suggested three points to remember whenever you listen about social distancing 6m distance away from each other don’t be a part of the mass gathering and functions don’t be a part of huge groups.

How the moving companies have adapted the change of social distancing and how difficult it has been on them?

Movers have told their clients to totally stay away from the things involved in the move itself, which means that the client can’t be in contact with the mover directly he/she can just direct them on a call. Also, movers should tell the clients that packaging and storing should be done prior to one day. So that mover should not get in contact with the clients in any scenario.

It can indeed be strenuous for the movers to follow the norm of 6 m while driving the truck which means that they can’t use one truck for the move, to follow the norms of social distancing they have to take more than 1 vehicle. Also, when moving and uploading the things on the truck will have somehow little contact with each other. It’s nearly impossible to totally avoid that but it is our own hands to limit ourselves. We can’t totally be in contact but we can definitely try to restrict ourselves.

Less of Physical Contact

Moving companies are forming and implementing new policies regarding contact with the client, prior to COVID-19 outbreak movers could check on the progress of the packaging while going at their home and helping the clients. But now nothing in this regard can happen, everything will be virtual may be on call or video call depending upon the client preferences. Also, everyone will be avoiding anything that will behave physical contact indeed with any other person such as paperwork which may include the same pen and paper. Sacramento movers are one of the companies which are taking every safety measure to protect the lives of their clients and delivering the best services.

Financial Constraints

Moving is considered one of the most important services in every part of the world. The financial instability and crisis that COVID-19 has given us all is something that nobody has a dream of. Since, last few months, there are many people who have canceled, postponed, and rescheduled the moves due to the virus, it created a huge loss for the moving industry. This has damaged the moving industry in a larger context, these companies are not just made of movers and moving but it involves other departments as well such as packaging, storing, trucks, etc. The constraint that the moving industry is facing is something everyone else too. But the point is with the moving industry, every industry which is a part of the moving are facing too. The industry has to change and adapt several changes in order to survive in the market, they have to implement new reforms, policies, strategies, and whatnot. Changing priorities is the need of the hour. Build new ideas that can help the company to sustain itself in the market in the long run because Covid-19 isn’t something that will not vanish quickly. Amid the financial loss, the moving industry is facing. They can take help from the government by taking small scale loans and subsequently many other relief programs by the government to support the moving industry.

Precautions and safety measure

The moving company now has to be more vigilant about the safety measures they have to take while a move. They have been more careful about cleaning and sanitizing everything and providing the best services to their clients and also the comfort they want. From the very start to the end, from the mask to 20sanitizing the truck everything should be done remembering that you have to protect yourself as well as the other members of the crew as well. Wearing a mask and gloves is mandatory. Clients should not feel unsafe while taking your services. Where do the COVID-19 and the current scenarios, will take the moving industry further? Well, we all know nothing is certain, we need to find calm in all the chaos and uncertainty. Remember, every industry is facing the same problem as the moving industry. It’s just how you will tackle, will make you different from the other. Try to bud the new ideas, tips and tricks and safety measure for the overall sustenance


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